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Odoo Integration

We are certified as an official Odoo Silver Partner, and already implemented Odoo in 30+ projects. We support our customers closely to succeed in their ERP project, and aim for long term. We will connect Manufacturing, Accounting, Sales, Purchase, HR... for you.

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Support & Training

When using your ERP and systems, your team will require formal training, online videos, written documentation and someone to talk to. Our consultants will answer their questions and document the answers, but also continuously improve your system as your needs grow.

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System connectors

In these modern times, multiple software or machines must communicate together to aggregate valuable data and gain in efficiency. With more than 20 connectors developed so far, we are confident we can integrate any software or device.

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Getting an external consultant analyze your process and share best practices is the first step of an ERP integration, call the gap analysis. We can perform consulting missions on demand and provide organizational or financial consulting.

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Do you plan to get an ERP or CRM and need expertise ?

Enhance, accelerate and simplify your business today !


With our decade of business and integration experience, we know how to ensure that any integration we take on is successful. Setting up such system will send your company and team to a higher level, guided by our expertise across all departments.

Combined with our other value added services, whether you select the Community or Enterprise version of Odoo to integrate into your business; your company’s departments will be streamlined and simplified. An immediate improvement to your operation overall & your bottom line will be felt.


60% of our customers are factories, in textile, bags creation, electronics, heavy machinery, boats... 

A traditional setup would usually cover: manufacturing (MRP), inventory (WMS), sales, purchase, accounting, automation (MES), Human resources (payroll, attendance, timeoff, expenses).


20% of our customers are trading companies, in packaging, interior design, luxury products...

A traditional setup: multi-company, sales, purchase, project management, accounting, inventory, Human resources


10% of our customers are retailers (online and offline), in toys, books, arts, electronics...

A traditional setup: sync with other shop platforms (taobao, shopify, squarespace, woocommerce), Point of sale with mobile payment (wechat, alipay), inventory, loyalty programs, sales, purchase, accounting

Services and others...

10% of our customers are service providers in field services, maintenance...

A traditional setup: project management, sales, purchase, accounting, CRM.

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Working with Majorbird

Benchmarking best practices is how we continuously improve and we constantly share what we learn with our Partners before, during & after we integrate Odoo for their business. 

We combine our expertise & insights during the integration and post-integration to ensure the success of the integration and continued growth of your enterprise using ODOO as we don’t believe our Partnership with our cleints ends at go-live

Listen & Analyze

Project & technical assessment with our consultant, alignment of company info, master data

Plan & Develop

Set up parameters, select Community or Enterprise version, Start development.

Release & Train

Our team trains your key staff so they can spread knowledge to their teams.


Based on users feedbacks, we fix issues and provide continuous improvement over time.

How Odoo applies to your business ?

No matter the size of the company, every small sized, start-up, medium sized or large enterprise should integrate an ERP solution for increased efficiency and thus ROI.

It is an all-in-one business software that effectively administers Website/E-commerce, Accounting, Billing, CRM, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Project Management & Inventory to name several.

Enterprise Resource Planning systems, commonly referred to as “ERP” systems is software that will allow businesses to manage their processes via a system of applications that are integrated together.

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