Easy Factory

Easy Factory, located in Dongguan City, was established in 2011, mainly producing and selling high-end silicone kitchenware, mainly for the European market. 

Headquartered in France, with international leading industrial production technology, it is a superb kitchenware product specialist in the industry.

With the fully integrated manufacturing, Easy Factory ranks among the world’s largest manufacturer of Kitchenware goods.
Experience and expertise enables us to offer complete, customized solutions.

We b    https://easy-factory.com/

      Easy Factory


  • Key figures: 500+ employees, 50M+ USD yearly turnover

  • Before: Company was using Excel for estimating their product costs before production, which uses a custom computation method.

  • The rest of the operations are executed on SAP.

Main Challenge

  • Understand the empirical logic of the excel calculator, and all hypothesis, from the production team.

  • Implement all formulas and approval process.

  • Create tables in Odoo for the whole product database and materials.


  • Integration of Odoo Community with custom tables, views and formulas dedicated to the calculator purpose.

  • Each product sheet could have multiple versions and an approval process from user to manager.

  • Each product sheet could be exported as an excel document with pictures for the team to share with related partners.


  • Mission accomplished and delivered!