A Seacomp Company

Seacomp, with a registered capital of RMB 9.01 million, was founded in 2001 in the electronics technology, semiconductor and integrated circuit industry and now has a staff size of 200-500.

The company's line of business includes the manufacturing of electronic components such as antennas, switches, and waveguides.

The SEACOMP story starts in 1989 with the founding of Displaytech as an LCD module supplier in Hong Kong.
Eight years later, a Displaytech sales office formed in San Diego, California with the name SEACOMP.
Our services expanded each year with adding surface mount capabilities, PCB assembly services, tooling, and plastic injection molding.
Today, we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our customers in product development, engineering, and manufacturing.
web  https://www.seacomp.com/



  • Key figures: 200+ employees, 30M+ USD yearly turnover, 3+ Countries

  • Before: Company was using Odoo Enterprise, implemented by Odoo Direct HK, to manage Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing, Inventory, Accounting on multiple companies.

  • They desired local support in China to support their team implementing advanced MRP and reporting.

Main Challenge

  • Jump on an existing project with a long history and existing method/customizations.

  • Modify the existing workflow to allow the team to plan using a dedicated MRP Solution, Frepple (https://frepple.com/), in partnership a Odoo partner Porticies (https://portcities.net/).

  • Allow complex planning modifications with quickly evolving supply chain parameters (COVID-era), for electronic components.

  • Consolidate financial reports and KPIs over 6 companies.

  • Implement MES solutions to gather metrics from production workshop.


  • Support on Odoo Enterprise for all operations.

  • Communication with different parties on the advanced MRP implementation, in order to align the operational needs and the technical possibilities.

  • Implement various dynamic reports for finance, to remove excel manipulations and aggregation of data on multiple companies.

  • Integration with Google Sheets for shareholders reporting using SQL queries for large number of records, live.

  • Implement Production Dashboard tools to measure efficiency.

  • Integration of Odoo enterprise with purchase, manufacturing, finance, human resources, sales, shipping, maintenance, machine integration (MES), CRM, WMS (to the level of barcode scanning for each operation), multi step subcontracting.