PNP Agency

                           PnP Agency is a B2B specialist proven to offer one of the very best supply chains for POS&POP materials, promotional item sand general printing solutions. 

We have been working with brands and agencies focusing on merchandising, displays, windows decoration, branded gifts and packaging for the past 10 years.
We combine an experienced team with solid partnerships with factories which give competitive pricing.



  • Key figures: 20+ employees, 20M+ USD yearly turnover in the world.

  • Before: company was using Excel for managing their sales, purchases and projects (crm), as well as a quickbook for Accounting.

Main Challenge

  • Per Project Business Flow:

  • Each inquiry starts in the CRM which is seen as a project. 

  • All sales/invoice/purchases/bills should be attached to this project for follow-up.

  • High-end customer expect a perfect experience, each document sent outside of the company must carry a great sense of identity/design.

  • Custom costing processes and tailored made products required a custom quotation/product creation pipeline


  • ntegration of Odoo Enterprise to manage: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Purchases, Bills, Multi-company, Accounting, HR.

  • Each PDF document was carefully crafted with custom text/fonts/layouts in different languages to provide the best identity for the company.

  • The custom quotation pipeline replicated the previous method done on Excel, but directly in Odoo in order to avoid changes for the team.


  • The company has been using Odoo as its main tool for all inbound business since the go-live.

  • They rely only on the ERP to manage their data and daily operations.

  • The CRM workflow has become the go-to place for employees to discuss and follow up projects, as they can navigate to all related documents from there.

Their work