How to create BOM and Steps in Odoo manufacturing
Odoo manufacturing

It is inefficient and time-consuming to manufacture products only from memory, so factories will choose to use BOM and Steps. A bill of materials (BOM) is an exhaustive list of raw materials, components, and instructions required to manufacture a product. Steps are records of production operations or stages that workers must follow when producing a product. This way we can track the time spent on each fabrication and know what's next, and we can also import job-related instructions and factories to reduce the chance of errors after everything is done. Once done, we can also see details of everything we do through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, all in all can be set up in minutes.

So let's see how it works in the database.

1.创建BOM及路线 Create BOM and Steps

-> 创建新的BOM:进入到制造模块,选择产品BOM,点击创建,新建产品-示例:大型会议桌,添加所需的组件清单和数量。
Create a new BOM: go to the Manufacturing, choose ProdutsBills of materials, click Create, create a new product "Large meeting table", add the required component list and quantity.

-> 添加一些操作,跳到操作选项卡,添加使用的操作以及使用的工作中心和预期的持续时间等内容,点击保存
Then add some Operations, go to the Operations tab, add operations and the work center and expected duration, etc. Click Save.

-> 重新点击编辑模式,添加一些提前检查步骤,也被称为质量检查步骤。要求员工执行特定流程的制造过程。点击操作选项卡下的步骤图标,创建质量检测步骤 “桌腿长度”,添加正在制造的操作类型,继续选择其他需要的内容,点击保存
Click Edit again to add some pre-check steps, also known as QA steps. Click the step icon under the Operations tab to create a quality check step "Leg Length", add the type of action being manufactured, continue to select other desired content, and click Save.

When we jump back to the steps, we will be able to see all the executed steps created for this BOM. If we really want to see all the steps, we can also do configuration operations.

2.创建订单 Create Order

-> 创建制造订单。选择制造订单,点击创建,添加产品-大型会议桌,我们可以看到物料清单将自动应用,保存。
Let's take a look at how odoo works after creating a manufacturing order using the BOM!
Create a manufacturing order. Select OperationsManufacturing orders, click Create, add product - Large meeting table, we can see that the bill of materials will be automatically applied, save it.

-> 运行制造订单。点击确认,检查产品可用性,点击Plan,跳转到工作订单中,点击开始
Run the MO. Click Confirm, check product availability, click Plan, jump to Work orders, and click Start.

You can also click on the small tablet to check the tablet view, the height of the table legs needs to be measured during the manufacturing process. Fill in the data for verification after the measurement is completed.

If you click Verify after writing 60cm for the height of the table legs, you will receive a Warning, because it did not pass the quality check, you need to consult the person in charge, click Correct Measure, enter the exact number, add note, click Validate.

Then select Serial number, click Validate. Click Mark as done or Mark as done and Close MO.

The product is actually manufactured, and we can view Routing Performance and Cost Analysis Report. Go back to Products, click BOM, we can check Structure and Cost, at a glance. When using the odoo PLM, we can also access ecological features, which we will talk in the future.


If you have more questions, or you are interested in the Odoo system and want to know more, please follow us and open the link below to find us, and we will provide you with a demo suitable for your business flow for free.

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