Sails East Manufacturing 

Company Limited

                     The company is located in Dongguan City, mainly produces and sells sailing products, mainly cruing, dinghy, windsurfing, gallery and other products.

Sails East has been making Dacron cruising sails and selling worldwide since 1960. They offer Dacron and cruising laminate Pentax sails, over 100 dinghy sail designs, windsurfing design technology and dedicated production engineering in order to provide high quality sails with top-notch performance.

Sails East Manufacturing Company Limited


  • The company primarily used Excel to manage business operations and company files are stored locally among the devices of employees.
  • Sales, inventory, manufacturing, purchase and Accounting etc. are all managed through Excel

Main Challenge

  • The team was completely new to centralized systems like Odoo.

  • Production Planning needs to process multiple sales orders at the same time and propose the needed materials to be purchased, manufactured or subcontracted.

Solution and Result

  • Odoo community for managing Sales, Purchase, Accounting, inventory, and Shipping. Most operations are now handled via Odoo to minimize manual data input, with custom Planning sheet module to process multiple sales orders and allow for easier decision to generate a summary of the materials that needs to be purchased, manufactured or subcontracted.

  • Nextcloud is implemented to store company files and sync between co-workers to increase efficiency.


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