KMA Umwelttechnik

KMA Umwelttechnik is a personally managed family business that was originally founded in 1959 by Josef Kurtsiefer as a metalworking company. In the beginning the company concentrated on the production of doors, and metal facades. However, during the expansion of the company in the 1970s, KMA expanded its activities into other areas of application, such as the metal industry, foundries, the textile industry and many more industrial sectors.

Energy efficient air filter systems for industrial applications
KMA offers tailor-made solutions relating to exhaust air purification, exhaust air filtration and heat recovery for your industry sector.




  • Key figures: 200+ employees, 20M+ USD yearly turnover, 3+ Countries

  • Before: Company was using Excel and legacy systems to manage their Sales, Purchase, Bill of Materials, Inventory, Accounting.

  • They desired digitalizeing their operations in the China branch (Shanghai).

Main Challenge

  • Manage complex and customizable products and bill of materials using variants.

  • Understand the long list of options on large machinery and design the best data structure to represent it.

  • Trigger purchases based on sales.

  • Implement dynamic stock valuation with first in first out strategy.


  • Integration of Odoo Community to cover all operations, and also time-off for HR.

  • Customization of multiple documents for the quotation process, in order to generate documentation and technical sheets for complex options on machinery.

  • Use anglo saxon accounting for managing dynamic stock to accounting entries.


  • Today, KMA China uses Odoo as its main business solution in order to process the inbound business.