Subcontracting | 在Odoo中设置生产分包业务流程的标准操作。

Nowadays, more and more businesses send their materials to other companies to produce finished goods, that action is called subcontracting. In Odoo, companies can rely on subcontractors as it offers many strategic benefits, it allows employees to focus on key business and provide more services without having to worry about recruiting and staffing. Businesses also don't have to pay for expensive machines, leaving them with more money to invest in their core business.

So let's dive into database to see how we can rely on subcontractors!

1. 系统设置 System Settings

Activate the subcontracting settings. Operation: Enter the manufacturing module, select Configuration, click Settings, check Subcontracting, and click Save.

Create a BOM. Operation: Select the products, click BOM, click Create, select the product, select the subcontract, and select the subcontractor. 

Set the BOM component. Action: Click on the component to enter the product page, select the Inventory tab, check the option to resupply subcontractors to order, and click Save. Continue to do the same for the other components and click Save. Return to the BOM page and continue saving.

2. 创建订单并运行 Create order and run


Create a new PO. Operation: Enter the purchasing module, click Create, select subcontractors, select products, click Save, and confirm the order.

Send product components to subcontractors. Operation: Enter the inventory module, click the supply subcontractor, find the order, click Velidate, and complete the delivery.

When the subcontractor has finished manufacturing, take delivery. Operation: Enter the purchasing module, find PO, click the upper right corner, enter the receiving page, click Velidate to confirm the receipt.


If you have more questions, or you are interested in the Odoo system and want to know more, please follow us and open the link below to find us, and we will provide you with a demo suitable for your business flow for free.

From SO to MO | 在Odoo中实现MO自动化生产!