Odoo Sales | 在销售模块中使用报价单模板的标准教程。

本期我们将学习Odoo ERP的新模块-销售。
Today we will learn about a new module of Odoo ERP - Sales. 

Friends who have been following all the time know that we have produced two operating videos about the sales module, so this time we will also explain the operation of the sales module in detail in the form of pictures and texts.

Now we can learn how to use the quotation template in Odoo's sales module. This feature can effectively save time for employees and customers.

1. 启用报价单模板 Enable quotation templates

  • 启用报价单模板,前往 销售–>配置–>设置 并启用报价模板。如启用报价单生成器功能,更方便员工设计报价单模板。
    To enable Quotation Templates, go to Sales –> Configuration –> Settings and click Quotation Templates. If Quotation Builder is enabled, it is more convenient for employees to design quotation templates.

2.创建报价单模板 Create the template

  • 创建报价单模板。点击销售–>配置,您可以创建新模板或编辑现有模板。命名后可以选择产品和数据以及报价的有效期。
    Create a quotation template. Click Sales –> Configuration and you can create a new template or edit an existing one. After naming, you can choose the product and data and the validity period of the quotation.

3.设计报价单模板 Design the template

  • 点击编辑,然后转向报价单生成器。在这里你可以设计模板并编辑客户界面,管理客户在接受和支付报价之前看到的内容。例如,可以介绍你的公司、服务和产品。
    Click Edit, then go to Quotation Builder. Here you can design templates and edit the customer interface, managing what customers see before accepting and paying for quotation. For example, you can introduce your company, services, and products.

  • 通过拖放不同的模块,轻松地编辑模板内容,组织报价。例如,你可添加一个介绍产品的内容块。
    You can easily edit template content and organize quotation by dragging and dropping different modules. For example, you can add a content block that introduces a product.

4. 使用报价单模板和确认报价单
Use quotation template and confirm quotation

  • 在销售设置中,你可选择任意模板并将其设为默认模板。在创建报价时,可以选择特定模板。
    In sales settings, you can select any template and make it the default template. When creating a quotation, you can choose a specific template.

  • 在模板里可允许客户填写电子签名并在线付款,加速确认流程。可在报价模板中直接启用这两个选项。
    In the template, customers can fill in electronic signatures and pay online to speed up the confirmation process. Both options can be enabled directly in the quotation template.