Odoo ERP销售模块代发货功能设置操作指南。

For companies, implementing a drop shipping strategy that allows suppliers to ship products directly to customers can avoid underselling products and inventory, keeping them in the product catalog.
It has many advantages, such as:
1. The product will not be seen or handled by the employee and will help minimize risk as the company does not have any inventory that could depreciate in value overnight.
2. New products will also be cheaper because no investment is required before they can be sold.
3. Packaging and shipping the product will be done by the supplier, reducing the amount of work that employees need to perform.

So let's see how it works in the database.

基础设置 Basic Settings

We go into the purchase module, click Configuration, Settings, and activate the Dropshipping.

Click Products, then search a product, such as office chair.

In this Product tab, click Inventory, choose Dropship. Because it will not be selected by default.

Then click Purchase, make sure to add Vendor, so that the PO can be generated directly. Such as Gemini Furniture, and Save.

如果该产品有多个供应商,列表中的第一个供应商将直接被选择创建代发货订单。If there are multiple suppliers for the product, the first supplier in the list will be directly selected to create the purchase order.

创建订单 Create Order

Now let's go to Sales module and create a quotation for the office chair. Click Create, select the customer, add product, then Save.

Once confirmed, we can see the generated PO in the upper right corner, you can click to view it directly. Or let's continue back to the Purchase and find the automatically generated PO or RFQ. Because we do need to buy the product from the supplier, the supplier will ship it directly to our customer. Open the RFQ, Confirm.

We can see the information in the PO and can see all the other information as on a regular receipt, but the action is Dropshipping.


Continue to click Set Quantities and click Validate.

After verification, we go back to the sales order, we will see the Dropship, click to see that it has been completed. Invoice can then be created, and when money is received from the customer, we can click Register Payment.

以上就是odoo ERP系统销售模块代发货功能设置操作指南。
The above is the operation guide for setting the Dropshipping function of the Sales module of the Odoo ERP system.
If you have more questions, or you are interested in Odoo and want to know more, welcome to contact Majorbird.

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