CRM in Odoo.
Improve business and customer relationships.

Liu is a sales manager of a traditional enterprise, and recently he is facing a challenge, how to effectively change the original sales approach, as well as better maintain customer relationships?

3. 软件灵活性高,可以开发升级。
The CRM in Odoo can do:
1.serve regular customers while discovering new customers,
 2.centralize customer information to improve the competitiveness of enterprises,
 3.the software is highly flexible and can be developed and upgraded. 

1. 使用组织管道    Organize the pipeline

View schedule settings and recommend follow-up activities: view activities by clicking on the schedule activities or through the Kanban view, a number of activities types are available by default in Odoo (call, email, meeting, etc.), Odoo helps you to plan a flow of activities by allowing you to set Recommended Next Activities.

Efficient management of opportunities, can mark a lead as lost and mark an existing Lost Reason or create a new one right there, multi-conditional filtering to retrieve, and the ability to switch between different views.

Create new sales channels, add members to sales channels and then manage them, administrators can clearly view the operation and results of sales channels and can export reports on demand.

2. 获取销售线索    Acquire leads

Convert leads into opportunities: go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, then you can choose whether to convert to business opportunities and assign the same channel/person. Odoo will automatically offer you to merge with that opportunity if they have the same email address and you can also merge opportunities or leads even if the system doesn’t propose it.

Generate leads or opportunities from emails and your website contact page. Configure email aliases to generate leads/opportunities that are automatically assigned to it, making it easy to manage multiple sales teams with specific business processes. Automatic lead opportunity generation is available through your Odoo website.

 可以直接通过CRM发送报价,线索挖掘功能可让你直接从数据库中从头开始生成线索。根据国家、公司规模、行业等标准锁定线索来源,确保生成线索的相关性。如要启动本功能,前往: CRM –> 配置 –> 设置并启用线索挖掘功能。您也可以通过配置‣线索挖掘请求,以及通过信息‣中的生成信息按钮来创建线索挖掘请求。
You can send quotation directly through the CRM, lead mining allows you to generate leads from scratch directly from your database. Target your leads based on a set of criteria such as the country, the size of the company, the industry your leads are coming from to make them relevant to your business. For this feature to work, go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Lead Mining feature. You are also able to create lead mining requests from the Configuration ‣ Lead Mining Requests and through Leads ‣ Leads where you have the Generate Leads button.

3. 分析和跟踪销售线索
 Assogn and track leads 

 要跟踪潜在客户的访问,首先要安装线索评分模块,然后进入你想跟踪的网站上的任何静态页面,在推广标签下找到优化搜索引擎 ,然后你可以在聊天记录和你的线索/机会的右上角跟踪该访客页面访问的页面。
To track prospects visits, first install the Lead Scoring module, then go to any static page you want to track on your website and find Optimize SEO under the Promote tab, then you can keep track of the pages visited by that visitor pages in the chatter and on the top right corner of your lead/opportunity.

With Leads Scoring you can automatically rank your leads based on selected criteria. It allows you to manage scoring rules in a new tab of CRM‘s Lead Management. Every hour every lead without a score will be automatically scanned and assigned their right score according to your scoring rules. Once the scores computed, leads can be assigned to specific teams using the same domain mechanism or a specific vendor in the team with an even more refined domain. For unassigned leads, easily find them through placement filters, Email Marketing and Marketing Automation apps.

4. 分析性能及优化日常工作

Analyze performance & Optimize your Day-to-Day work

Filtering gives you the option to view win/loss rates and can switch between different views. Create custom dashboards in Google Spreadsheet that retrieves data directly from Odoo using spreadsheet formula. You can use it to create sales commission plans, budgets, project forecasts, etc. Formulas are written in Python but programming skills are not required.
 业务伙伴自动完成功能可提供企业数据,帮助扩大联系人数据库。在下拉列表中选择一家公司,即可获得需要的所有信息。激励员工以实现目标和奖励达到特定目标是增强良好销售习惯和提高销售人员生产率的绝佳方法。 游戏化模块通过实时识别和受游戏机制启发的徽章,提供了简单而富有创意的方式来激励和评估员工。
Parter Autocomplete helps you to enrich your contacts database with corporate data. Select one of the companies suggested in the dropdown, and quickly get all the information you need. Challenging employees to reach specific targets with goals and rewards is an excellent way to reinforce good habits and improve salespeople productivity. The Gamification module gives you simple and creative ways to motivate and evaluate your employees with real-time recognition and badges inspired by game mechanics.

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